Working on the Membership System

One of the things I am trying to get implemented on this new site, is a multi-level membership system. Of course ‘normal’ membership to the EFC community will always be FREE. But I am also adding some benefits for ‘paying members’. The software for arranging all that is not so simple and so far I am still wrestling trying to get it all implemented.

So if you cannot register yet, that’s MY fault, and I am working on it. Check back often ! :-)

Setbacks once again!

The road to fruition of Emma Field X is strewn with thorns, snakes, coyotes and other assorted bumps. First its original developer stepped out of the hobby and then subsequently let us down once more, next his successor, Bill Womack, ran from one delay in the next meanwhile developing titles for other publishers, until he turned his back on FSAddon (i.e. Francois and Nina) a few weeks ago.

So now we’re back to square one, since Bill also took his developments that he made for us already, with him to the competition. Nice.

My first gut reaction was ‘screw them all, I’ll make Emma Field X free’. Maybe I spoke too soon. Maybe not. The trouble is, we need some bread on the table, and Emma Field X has cost me a LOT of money so far, directly and indirectly.
Looking for a solution, but maybe I decide to indeed fight the windmills and stubbornly continue. After all, I am Dutch !

All is not lost – it never is – but I am re-thinking the future currently. Stay tuned.

Embarassing it is

Sometimes things are just beyond one’s control. One of those ‘things’ is the development of Emma Field X. We’re spinning our wheels for a long time already, and other projects keep getting priority. Bill Womack only has two hands and one head – unfortunately – and there aren’t any other developers involved.

So we wait…..

…. and wait.

Meanwhile a lot of other things are happening. HAVE to happen, because we somehow need to make a living. But in spite of all the delays and even angry would-be customers, I keep the faith, however hard that is to do, and am sure that one day we’ll see a new Emma Field.

As a matter of fact, I’ll be visiting the real thing again in a few weeks, just to make sure nobody else is building on our plot 😉

Under Construction!

Don’t despair if you find places you cannot get in….. or worse, when you can’t find a place to register yet.

I am still working on it and haven’t finished the initial setup completely. That’s why. But I’ll keep tinkering away at the new site and one of these days it will all fall into place, promised!

Activity at last !

All good things come late. Isn’t that the saying? Whatever. Fritz has never been known to be very quick with anything… he’s been hammering on that Cub gear for 8 years now. So why would resurrecting Emma Field be a fast thing!?

Anyway, ya’ll know that Bill and I have been doing a gazillion other things, mainly to keep our respective boats afloat and some bread on the table, but now we’re really moving forward again on the new Emma Field.

Here’s an initial screenshot of the new ‘club house’ that is being erected on Emma Field.  Check out the tab with Dev Screenshots for more…..
More to come of course, stay tuned!

We greatly value ANY help in keeping this site running!

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